How do I get Followers?

Followers will come naturally over time. But if there are hirers you already know or work with often, you should click the "Get Followers" button below your rate. Enter their email and send a personal note sharing your WNW profile link. If they're not currently on WNW, they'll get a link for a free trial.

Connect your social media accounts so hirers you know on there can easily find and follow you.

Can I be on WNW if I have a full-time job?

Yes. We have a FULL-TIME status just for you.

Can I join with my partner as a team?

Currently you can only join WNW as an individual.

If you have a partner you prefer to work with, we recommend you write that in your bio so hirers will see it immediately. Also, you can put them as the first (or only) person you recommend in the "People I like working with" list at the bottom of your profile. If your partner isn't on WNW it might be a good idea to nominate them.

Why can't I see who other creatives Recommend?

Recommendations are only for hirers to see. We don't want you to feel pressured to Recommend your friends just because you're friends. By keeping the Recommendations private it eliminates peer pressure and allows you to give more honest Recommendations, which is better for you and hirers.

How do I figure out my rate?

If you're new to the freelance game and aren't sure how much to charge, ask around. Ask your friends who are creatives or ask hirers you have a relationship with to give you an honest range of what they pay for people at your same level.

You don't need to put an exact price on your profile, just select the appropriate price range. This will give you a little flexibility and make starting out a bit easier.

How do I get back to my profile?

Click the WNW logo on the top left of the navigation bar to return to your profile at any time.

If I get a message about a gig and I don't think it's right what should I do?

Be honest.

That's it. Companies don't want you on projects you don't think are right for you so just be up front. Better to pass on a job now than do it begrudgingly.

If I have a rep can I still be on WNW?

Some creatives such as illustrators, photographers, directors, etc have reps that handle their business. If you have a rep you definitely can still be on WNW. It might not be bad to add a note to hirers in your bio as well. We're not competing with reps; we're just another outlet for exposure.

Do you have logos and badges I can download?

Want to link to your Working Not Working profile from your portfolio or website? Download a logo or badge below.



Can I nominate a creative I know to join the site?

The "Nominate a Creative" button is located in your Settings menu. Just click your profile photo thumbnail in the upper right of the navigation bar. Then input their information to send them an invite. They'll receive emailed instructions with steps to start building their "Contender Profile." A Contender is an applicant to WNW who has yet to be approved by the Membership Board and elevated to full Member status. Contenders can still be followed, messaged, and hired.

Prospective creatives can also apply for membership on their own.

Working Not Working relies on our members to help curate the network with the very best creative talent. Please keep this in mind when you put forward prospective members.

Remember: Pros before bros.

How do I delete my account?

If you have an aversion to awesomeness, sure, we can help. Email us at, or hit the chat icon below.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Click the chat icon in the lower right of any page and talk to a member of the WNW team.