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Peen Cuisine Mixes Food & Sex for Elevated Bachelorette Parties or Random Weekday Meals

Lauren Hom describes it as "elevated bachelorette party food" but that doesn't mean that she hasn't been getting help from her grandmother sampling some of the recipes before their respective launches.

Above Brand Celebrates Finer Things Like Imported Beers & Multicultural Societies

In light of the weight of divisiveness that defined 2017 both in the US and the UK, what better way to kick off 2018 than by rallying around the taste of fine liquid hops. "The idea is to select the best organic European beers for The UK and create special edition packages dedicated to world cultures.

The Top Companies WNW Creatives Would Kill to Work for Full-Time 2017

We surveyed our members for the fourth year in a row, asking them which companies they’d kill to work for full-time.

This Lettering Artist Will Expand Your Vocabulary Through Design

Creatives and artists often talk about how certain projects serve as valuable learning experiences. But WNW Member Mark McCormick's ongoing project, Word is Drawn, is literally that. And not the misuse of "literally" that people are often tossing around. Five years ago, during a creative dry spell, Mark decided to hone his skills as a lettering artist and designer by subscribing to Dictionary.com's daily email and drawing whichever word it threw at him. Mark's resulting renderings manage to perfectly blend the word's definition and a good bit of humor. In short, they're both fun and educational. 

WNW, General Assembly, & Unruly Co-Host "Design for Good" Event

We co-hosted General Assembly's latest "Inside the Minds of Brilliant Designers" series event with a specific focus on "Design for Good and Breaking the Mould." The sold-out event, held in Unruly's clubhouse, consisted of a panel discussion with London-based WNW Members

Pinterest & WNW Host a "Women in Creative" Happy Hour

Working Not Working joined The Studio at Pinterest at their San Francisco headquarters on November 8 for a "Women In Creative" happy hour series. We heard from some incredibly talented designers and creatives on their careers, the changes they have seen, and some of the challenges they have faced. The conversation also covered how these women are using their careers to support other women, both young and established, who are facing similar challenges.

Profiles of the Week: Fall 2017 Creative Circus Grads

We'd like to extend a warm WNW welcome to the following Creative Circus graduates of Fall 2017. A couple of them already got snapped up quickly, but we want to get some of these future superstars on your radar. We recommend following them from your Dashboard to keep up on the incredible work they'll inevitably put out as they continue to honor Creative Circus's stellar reputation.

Meet the Artist Behind Italy's First Underground Art Gallery

In our interview below, WNW Member Emiliano Ponzi perfectly sums up the brief and his creative approach for his latest project creating Italy's first underground art gallery at a subway stop in Milan. "They needed strong scenes. We decided on a series of shots able to depict the variety of people who come and go in that specific neighboorhood, which is a combination between skyscrapers, fancy apartments and the traditional 'old Milano' populated by folks who have lived there for generations. I walked around, felt the atmosphere and tried to represent these two different souls, making them living in harmony." We talk to Emiliano about some of the challenges and breakthroughs that came with this endeavor, how Milan's creative scene has evolved, and what it means to him to be responsible for Italy's first underground art gallery. We also asked who his influences were on this time-consuming endeavor, and what his ultimate hope is in hindsight. "It took 2 years between the first call with the agency to the finished job with many other projects in the meantime, so I think I didn’t have a clear influence. I just know I wanted to depict a dynamic city where everyone could find a mirror and feel represented."

Meet 9 Women Using Their Creativity To Right The Ratio

Working Not Working has partnered with Pinterest on its initiative to Right the Ratio. To promote the cause, we're bringing our Bay Area members together for a happy hour and panel discussion hosted at Pinterest's headquarters in San Francisco on November 8th. Featured panelists include Erika Olde (Founder & President of Black Bicycle Entertainment / Founder of the Women’s Studies Program at Ghetto Film School), Sadia Latifi (Head of Creative at Pinterest), and Elysa Fenenbock (First Designer-in-Residence at Google). [Update: The event has sold out. We'll add the RSVP link if more spots open.]