Need help using the site?

You're in the right spot. Answers to many of your questions can be found in this support section. If you'd like even more help, click the message bubble over there in the bottom right corner or contact us to schedule a demo. We'd be happy to walk you through the ins and outs of WNW and show you some pro tips.

How do I get back to my Dashboard?

Click the WNW logo in the top left of the navigation bar to return to your Dashboard at any time. Or, you know, click the Dashboard link to the right of the logo.

How do I contact a creative about a job?

There are multiple places to message a creative about a job. First, you need to create the role in the Jobs section which can be found in the top navigation. On the Jobs page click the "Create New Job" button on the top right. It will take you to the new job page where you quickly give us a few details about the job. Enter this info once and it will be sent to every creative you contact about this role. No need to copy and paste the details into every message. Once the job is created you're ready to reach out to people about it using the "Send Message" button in Search, on their MiniProfile or on their Profile.

Can I invite creatives I know?

Every hirer is given the ability to nominate creatives who they think deserve to be a part of the Working Not Working community. So, yes, nominate the very very very talented creatives you already love to hire so you can keep tabs on them. 

The "Nominate a Creative" button is located in your Settings menu. Just click your profile photo thumbnail in the upper right corner of the navigation bar. Then input the creative's information to send them an invite. They'll receive emailed instructions with steps to start building their "Contender Profile." A Contender is an applicant to WNW who has yet to be approved by the Membership Board and elevated to full Member status. Contenders can still be followed, messaged, and hired.

Prospective creatives can also apply for membership on their own.

How do I remove a creative from my Dashboard?

If you've changed your mind about a creative, you can unfollow them.

From your Dashboard, hover over their key image. Click the three dots, select "Manage", and click "Unfollow" within the Manage modal.

If you're on the creative's profile, you can pull up the Manage modal by clicking the "person" icon underneath their status.

The creative will no longer show up on your Dashboard, unless they're part of a Team list or Curated Playlist.

What is the cost translation of the dollar signs on creatives' profiles?

$: 0-50/hr or 0-500/day                                 £: 0-20/hr or 0-200/day                               €: 0-30/hr or 0-300/day                          

$$: 50-100/hr or 500-1,000/day                     ££: 20-40/hr or 200-400/day                      €€: 30-60/hr or 300-600/day

$$$: 100-150/hr or 1,000-1,500/day               £££: 40-60/hr or 400-600/day                    €€€: 60-90/hr or 600-900/day

$$$$: 150+/hr or 1500+/day                          ££££: 60+/hr or 600+/day                           €€€€: 90+/hr or 900+/day

When you contact a creative they'll let you know if they go by a day or hourly rate.

I need to cancel my subscription. Will that delete my Dashboard and all of my lists and notes?

You can cancel your membership at any time and all of the creatives you Follow and Vouch for will remain intact. You can log back in at any point, and resubscribe whenever you're ready. Everything will be there waiting for you, because we're nice like that.

What is Human?

Human is a high touch, concierge service. For details and pricing, submit a request on the Human page and a member of our team will follow up with you promptly.

How do I invite hirers from my company to view lists and provide feedback?

Our "Teams" feature helps you and your colleagues stay organized. You can share Notes, Lists, and Jobs with your teammates.

Start your own team from your Settings. You can then easily invite other hirers from your company. If they're not already on Working Not Working, they'll receive a free 3-day trial to check out the site.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Click the chat icon in the lower right of any page and talk to a member of the WNW team.