Do creatives see who views their profile?

Creatives cannot see who views their profile.

They do, however, receive notifications of which hirers Follow and Vouch for them.

Do creatives know who Follows them?

Yes. Creatives receive an email notification when a hirer Follows them that includes the hirer's name and company.

This information is not available on their profile for other hirers or creatives to see.

I'm a creative. Who can see my rate?

Only hirers can see your rate range. Your rate is not visible to fellow creatives, or anyone not logged into Working Not Working.

If I sign up as a hirer, is all my info visible to creatives?

There is no way for hirers to be searched. The only way a creative will know your name and company is if you Follow or Vouch for them. When you Follow of Vouch for a creative they receive an email that says "________ from ______ is now following your availability on Working Not Working." Your contact info is never included in those emails, though, so you'll never be exposed to unsolicited emails from creatives.

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