Prospective Creatives

How do I join Working Not Working as a creative?

What current roles do you have on Working Not Working?

How much does it cost for a creative to join WNW?


Prospective Hirers

What is Working Not Working?

Where are your largest creative communities?

How much is a subscription to Working Not Working?

Do you offer a free trial?

How do I cancel my subscription?

What's your refund policy?

Where do I sign up?


Creating and Updating Your Profile

How do I update my availability?

What does "AVAILABLE SOON" mean?

What happens when I update my status?

How do I change my profile photo?

How do I add/change my profile background?

What video formats do you support?

How do I set or change my rate?

Why doesn't my LinkedIn link work?

How do I change my settings?


Vouches, Followers, & Recommendations

What is a Vouch?

How do I Vouch for someone?

Who can see Vouches?

What is a Follower?

What is a Recommendation?

What's the difference between a Vouch and a Recommendation?

Can I follow other creatives?


Hirer Questions

Need help using the site?

How do I get back to my Dashboard?

How do I contact a creative about a job?

Can I invite creatives I know?

How do I remove a creative from my Dashboard?

What is the cost translation of the dollar signs on creatives' profiles?

I need to cancel my subscription. Will that delete my Dashboard and all of my lists and notes?

What is Human?

How do I invite hirers from my company to view lists and provide feedback?


Creative Questions

How do I get Followers?

Can I be on WNW if I have a full-time job?

Can I join with my partner as a team?

Why can't I see who other creatives Recommend?

How do I figure out my rate?

How do I get back to my profile?

If I get a message about a gig and I don't think it's right what should I do?

If I have a rep can I still be on WNW?

Do you have logos and badges I can download?

Can I nominate a creative I know to join the site?

How do I delete my account?


The UnJobBoard

How much is a job post?

How long does a job post stay active?

How do I post a job?

Where can I view my job posts?



Do creatives see who views their profile?

Do creatives know who Follows them?

I'm a creative. Who can see my rate?

If I sign up as a hirer, is all of my info visible to creatives?



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