The UnJobBoard

How much is a job post?

Job posts are free with an active WNW plan. The number of jobs you can post at the same time depends on the type of plan you have. With a Basic plan, you get 1 active job post at a time on the UnJobBoard. A Pro plan includes up to 3 active job posts at a time.

You can swap out job posts as frequently as you want. All of your jobs are stored under "Jobs".

How long does a job post stay active?

Your job post will stay active until you decide to take it down. We'll check in periodically to see if you'd like to swap out your active job post for a different role that may be in need of some love.

How do I post a job?

To post a job, you'll first need to create an open role under "Jobs." You can then provide a few more details and broadcast your job to the whole WNW network on the UnJobBoard. Head here to create and post your open roles.

Where can I view my job posts?

To view your current or expired jobs and job posts, head to your Jobs. If it says "UJB Open" in green font next to a job, it means it's currently open on the UnJobBoard. "UJB Closed" means you've created a job post but it's currently closed on the UnJobBoard.

And "UJB Not Posted" means it's currently just an open role. You can reach out to creatives and send them details about a job with this status, but you'll have to create a job post to open it up on the UnJobBoard.

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