Vouches, Followers, & Recommendations

What is a Vouch?

A Vouch is a stamp of approval you can give to members. Vouches should only be given to people you've worked with and are willing to put your name behind. To Vouch for someone just click the "Vouch for [name]" button in the right column of their profile. They will be notified by email. Others will be able to see who you've vouched for on your profile.

Remember: A Vouch isn't a "like" button. Only vouch for people you've worked with and know are legit. It's like the mafia, but with slightly more dramatic consequences.

We encourage you to search and Vouch for people you know. Your Vouch will help creatives increase their chances of getting hired and allow hiring managers to feel confident booking new talent because of the endorsements of people they already know and trust.

How do I Vouch for someone?

To Vouch for someone just click the "Vouch for [name]" button in the right column on their profile. That person will be notified by email that you gave them your seal of approval.

Who can see Vouches?

All member creatives and hirers can see who has vouched for you and who you have vouched for. So make sure you only Vouch for people you know and are willing to stand behind.

What is a Follower?

Followers are hirers who want to keep tabs on a creative's availability.

Hirers follow their favorite creatives. The creatives are then conveniently organized by availability on the hirer's Dashboard for quick and easy viewing. The hirers also receive notifications when any of those creatives update their status.

Creatives are notified by email when a new person begins following them. 

What is a Recommendation?

Creatives can recommend up to 10 peers on their profile. These are people they have Vouched for but want to give some extra exposure to help them be discovered. Hirers can check out the Recommendation list at the right of a creative's profile to find more talent they may love.


What's the difference between a Vouch and a Recommendation?

A Vouch is a stamp of approval given to creatives by other creatives or hirers. Vouches are unlimited endorsements you can give out to anyone you've worked with.

A Recommendation is more personal. Each creative is given only 10 spots to recommend creatives they trust. A little bonus endorsement. It's also a great way to discover talent.

Can I follow other creatives?

Not yet, though we’re currently developing new features that will build social and collaborative elements to the community.

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