Not Working: Will Letter For Lunch

Not Working: Will Letter For Lunch


WNW Member #2245 Lauren Hom is a genius with an unquenchable hunger and thirst. To elaborate, the New York-based illustrator has found a way to use her set of skills to instantly put food on the table. And not just any food, but specials served at restaurants all over New York. Lauren lettered... and Lauren lunched. To find out how Lauren tapped directly into the source with Will Letter For Lunch, read on. If Lauren ever wants to invite us to lunch, we’re great at lettering hyphens and periods. 


Restaurant: Empire Mayonnaise Co. / Neighborhood: Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Lauren Lunched: "I’m not really sure if mayonnaise counts as a meal, but I got to taste every flavor of mayonnaise in the store. I also scored two delicious jars of Ghostly Pepper mayo and Red Chili mayo. I biked home and immediately made an avocado sandwich with one flavor on each piece of bread, and it was phenomenal."


Restaurant: Nourish Kitchen + Table / Neighborhood: West Village, Manhattan

Lauren Lunched: "An egg sandwich with arugula, avocado, and sriracha aioli, roasted pork sandwich, kale salad with local plums, watermelon radish, sesame seeds, scallions and ginger-lime dressing, sesame-soba noodle salad, roasted carrots, truffle oil wheatberry salad, goat cheese and sundried tomato scone, slice of caramelized apple-honey cake, and two Morning Green juices with pineapple, spinach, and jalapeño!"


Restaurant: Docklands / Neighborhood: Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Lauren Lunched: "Bluepoint oysters with cocktail sauce, mignonette, and lemon. Black and white bean soup with kale. Grilled Shishito peppers with olives and garlic. Deep fried lobster macaroni and cheese balls drizzled with Cajun lobster sauce. Grilled whole fish with lemon and kale. Salmon on a bed of polenta topped with jumbo shrimp and shallots. Rosemary cocktails with bourbon, lime, and maple syrup. Too many glasses of white wine. Guinness ice cream not pictured because I have no self control and ate it before I could even snap a photo."

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