How To Access Top 10% Talent As A CMO

How To Access Top 10% Talent As A CMO


The following article first appeared on, written by Steve Olenski. In the excerpt included below, WNW Co-founder Justin Gignac, remarks on the impact of a strong creative team.

Let's cut right to the chase, shall we?

The good news is that there is more access to marketing freelancers, outsource workers, and full-time employees from all over the world with more individuals than ever dipping their toe into the self-employment pool and offer[ing] themselves to companies, large and small.

The bad news is that the talent pool is getting so big and so many companies are now grabbing these freelancers that it is increasingly difficult to get to the cream of that crop unless you know exactly where to look and who can help connect you. To maintain your own competitive advantage as a CMO or hiring professional, you want to tap that talent that has the creativity, technical ability, and passion to deliver on that goal.

"Corporations are realizing the huge impact that strong creative can have on the bottom line, and that those decisions should be made closer to the source," notes Justin Gignac, Co-Founder of Working Not Working.

This need has led to the formation of new businesses geared to connecting top talent with companies seeking their expertise, skill sets, and knowledge. No longer having to rely on online resume posting sites or recruiters, both companies and talent can take control of the process of finding each other. Within this environment, there are numerous marketplaces that list projects and freelancers.

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