WNW Is Teaming Up With General Assembly for "Design For Good" Talks

WNW Is Teaming Up With General Assembly for "Design For Good" Talks


WNW and General Assembly invite you to an evening of creative talks on the theme of Design for Good on Wednesday 21st March, 6.30pm to 8pm in London. 

Curated by Working Not Working, we’ve invited three speakers from our creative community to share their insight on creating campaigns for abortion rights, career changes for the better, and considering how the way we live can intersect with design.

Joining us for the evening will be designer Caterina Bianchini, artist and founder of Notes To Strangers Andy Leek, and animation storytellers Wednesday Studio.

Our speakers will be diving into their work, from public art projects that put a smile on the streets of London, designing for abortion rights group Room for Rebellion, and narrative-driven animations, questioning if we’re as good at things as we think we are.



Wednesday Studio

Powerhouse design and story-telling animation studio, who work with impressive clients such as IDEO, Ebay, School of Life and TED.


Andy Leek

Artist Andy Leek, who started the project after experiencing an issue with mental health, so he decided to try to help strangers that might be having a hard time by leaving positive notes around London.


Caterina Bianchini

The brilliant conceptual and strategic designer is well known for her abstract illustrations and bold typographic statements. Caterina has worked for brands such as Levi's, LUSH and Red Bull Studios.


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