Danny Capozza Animates "Malaria Must Die" Campaign for the Gates Foundation

Danny Capozza Animates "Malaria Must
Die" Campaign for the Gates Foundation


Bristol-based WNW Member Danny Capozzi, an Animation Director at Aardman Animations Ltd, recently teamed up with the Gates Foundation to direct an informative and accessible tour of malaria's history. It's part of the global Malaria Must Die campaign. We've come a long way in combatting a disease that was carried by dinosaurs and first infected humans over 4,718 years ago. But there's still clearly a long way to go since it claims 445,000 lives each year. And as the Hugh Laurie-voiced project shows, reducing malaria reduces poverty. For every $1 spent on the disease, there's a benefit of $36 thanks to fewer kids and adults missing school or work.  

Here's Danny on why Aardman felt compelled to apply their creativity to this global awareness campaign. “We love making films for charities because it gives us the opportunity to use our creativity in a meaningful way beyond simply entertaining. Storytelling through animation can be a powerful tool in helping people to understand complex or difficult subjects and we felt it was important to take a sensitive approach to recounting the history of malaria. We hope that our film achieves this by communicating a difficult message in an accessible way for the Malaria Must Die campaign and helps in the fight against this terrible disease.”


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