These Creatives Are Courting the King to Come to Their City

These Creatives Are Courting the King
to Come to Their City


Where will LeBron go? It's a question that plenty of people don't give two shits about, but one that ESPN and "Le King" himself want you to wonder. Until he signs his next contract, every team is holding out hope both realistic (Cavs & Lakers) and delusional (Knicks). ESPN sourced 30 artists to create billboards pitching LeBron on each of the NBA's 30 teams. The coolest part of the project is that ESPN sourced sports-obsessed illustrators and designers from each of these cities. So it's not just creative—it's personal.

Here are eight possible destinations brought to you by WNW Members around North America.


Timothy McAuliffe, Brooklyn.


Ryan Simpson, Charlotte.


Oliver Barrett, Cleveland.


Andrew Janik, Detroit. [Based in Brooklyn]


Carra Sykes, Houston.


Robb Harskamp, New Orleans.


Matthew Shipley, Philadelphia. [Based in Durham]


Glenn Harvey, Toronto.


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