Members to Watch: July

Members to Watch: July


One of the top job perks of working at Working Not Working (which include a great team, 401 (k) plan, and unlimited Not Working) is how easy it is to come face-to-face with the hundreds of incredible ongoing and standalone projects that our members launch each month. Here are just nine such projects from WNW Members that caught our eye this July.


An Instantly Beloved Cartoon Network Series


After further honing her animated television chops in the writing room of Adventure Time, Julia Pott made the leap as the showrunner of Cartoon Network's Summer Camp Island, which premiered this month. It's been awesome watching the scale of Julia's projects match that of her talents. Familiarize yourself with her name... you'll be hearing it a lot.

Read our in-depth interview with Julia here, in which she shares details about her new show and offers a ton of creative advice resulting from the experience.


The Full Spectrum of Human Emotion


London-based Photographer Jane Stockdale has created a work that documents heaven, hell, and purgatory, all reflected on the human face. It's not life or death. It's both. Watching the World Cup is a 64-page photo essay documenting the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Tons of awesome images that capture the moments before, during, and after both agony and ecstasy. The result is gorgeous, heartening, and sometimes darkly funny.

Check out our full write-up on "Watching the World Cup" here


Kaleidoscopic, Glitched-Out Music Videos

Kyle Sauer directed the music video for Young the Giant's latest single "Simplify," ironically complicating matters with band member replicas, kaleidoscopic visuals, zoomed-out choreography, and glitched-out human interactions.


UNIQLO's Love and Mickey Mouse Collection 


Designer Kate Moross has delivered indelible work to the worlds of concert tour visuals, editorial campaigns, and clothing lines. Kate's mastery of the latter  is on magical display with UNIQLO's "Love and Mickey Mouse" collection.


Animation That's Both Adorable & Mature

Steven Preisman served as co-writer and co-art director on this ad for Ontario Power Generation. Created by Aardman, who made Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run, and more, and with character design by WNW Member Felicie Haymoz as well, the ad blends a nostalgic tone with modern sophistication.


An Animated Letter of 10 Civic Ideas

Primate Studio is the Emmy-winning studio of Paul Benson. Through research, feedback, and design innovation, his latest project #PSDearNYC offers ten solutions for the city with the hope of inspiring public discourse and increasing civic participation this election year.


The Generosity of Designer Tina Touli's Portfolio Site

Physical_Digital World_Cover image.gif

Tina's portfolio site is an open book, a treasure trove of incredible work with hyper-detailed process descriptions and behind-the-scenes images. Don't safeguard all of your secrets because you're often then safeguarding your skills. Fellow creatives and hirers alike love to get insight into your process. There's just as much magic to be found in the reveal as in the mystery.

Read Tina's writeup about incorporating the physical world into your digital craft.


Comedically Genre-Mashing Editing

Adam Epstein is an SNL vet whose work has put you into hysterics. From wholesome family films to horror films to end-of-the-world films, Adam is a master at sending up the editing tropes of your favorite genres to hilarious effect.

Listen to our Overshare podcast interview with Adam here.


An Artist Bent on Breathing New Nightmares into Your Life


If Alex Gamsu Jenkins isn't already capturing your waking nightmares with his twisted illustrations, he's having a blast providing you with new ones. The best kind of art sticks with you; whether you want it to or not is irrelevant. There's something oddly beautiful about such intergalactic depravity.


Discover more creative talent and projects like this on Working Not Working. If you're a WNW Member with new work, exhibits, products, news, or opinions to share, email us.