Working Not Working Launches Its First Newsprint

Working Not Working Launches Its First Newsprint


We’re excited to announce the launch of our inaugural newsprint, titled “Breaking the Mold.” Our first printed publication is just a small sampling of the incredible talent that we’re honored to represent on Working Not Working. Seven years ago, we started WNW to fundamentally change the way creatives get jobs. As we move forward as a company, we hope that we can support creatives all over the world to not just find their place in their career but also in their own communities and our shared culture.

Featuring a curated collection of essays and artwork from the WNW community, “Breaking the Mold” promotes a conversation about creativity in flux. Each contribution tells a story about dismantling and rebuilding, in both the creative industry and within an individual’s craft. It’s a celebration of breaking free, doing things differently, failing hard, and the kinds of good that can come from that exploration.

While these stories deserve to be held, we'll be promoting them over the coming weeks here on our digital WNW Magazine; they’re too good not to share with a wider audience. Newsprint copies will be available in limited quantities at future WNW events. We host in-person events as a way to bring what we do digitally into a tangible experience. We wanted to deliver this same approach to the stories we share. 

Thank you to the following contributors: Stefan G. Bucher, Andre Chaves, Allison Filice, Wade Jeffree, Michelle Kondrich,Uli Knoerzer, Geoff Levy, Ashley Lukashevsky, Lo Martin, Charlie Poulson, Leta Sobierajski, and Dan Woodger. We're genuinely appreciative that you were interested in offering your voice and we're honored to have you as part of this permanent collection of perspectives which represents the greater WNW community.


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