Art Director • London, UK

With years of experience in Motion and UI Design, WNW Member #6936 Marti Romances has been able to work on films like Ex MachinaGuardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, and Avengers, as well as acclaimed video games. The past three years, Marti has served as Art Director at Territory Studio based in London. With his jam packed workload, we were curious how Marti spends his time not working as well as what the future holds, to which he pleads the fifth: "I wish I could talk about the projects I'm working on right now, but then I would have to change my status to 'Not working.' Lots of confidentiality contracts and non-disclosure agreements unfortunately..."

And yes, that is his real name. 


1. How long have you been working as an Art Director? How did you get there?

I've been with Territory Studio as their Art Director for almost 3 years now. Before that I was working as a Motion Graphic artist for 5 years. The transition happened naturally, I never aimed to be an Art Director. My work both in graphic design and motion, when working on a project for Nintendo (before joining Territory), involved setting up the style for the rest of the team and that's when my role changed. That's why I consider myself a hands-on Art Director, as I'm still designing and animating everyday.


2. Is there a time or place that you feel most creative/have the best ideas?

After a good afternoon coffee, headphones on and good tunes to get into the zone. Either sketching in my notepad or straight on the screen. I don't know if we can consider ourselves lucky or not, we have a job we can do anywhere - you just need a good laptop and a notepad with you. Thats great freedom to get ideas from everywhere.


3. What's your ideal Working:Not Working ratio?

It really depends on what project I'm on. When I'm immersed on a film project for half of a year I try to go away for 2 weeks to disconnect and recharge batteries, and then later work on something different until another big film comes around. Ideally I would like to do 70% work, 30% not work while still doing personal projects at the same time. I feel very lucky I like my job and for me it's more playing rather than working.

4. Do your parents understand what you do?

They do now... it took me a while but after 9 years of me showing them some animated graphics I think now they get it. They like to stay at the end of the films to check if I'm on the credits, even if sometimes I'm not!


5. What scene from a movie makes you laugh just thinking about it? 

A Fish Called Wanda. That scene where Kevin Kline pretends to speak italian to turn Jamie Lee Curtis on. Classic!


6. If you were stranded on a desert island, with your computer, what 3 websites would you take with you? 

Soundcloud, Netflix and some sort of Bear Grylls survival website I guess 

7. What do you do when Not Working?

Travel to visit family and friends or just for fun. I love sailing and road trips. If there is no time for that, I exercise or just chill and disconnect from the screens for a while. 


8. Do you have a hidden talent?

Mixing together ingredients you would never imagine, while cooking. Have you ever tried a bacon and croissant omelette? You should.


9. Any tips or advice for freelancers?

We interview lots of freelancers and what really comes across as the most powerful thing for me is the passion. I know it may sound too cliche, but if you have passion for what you do, your work will talk for itself. That and lots of hard work... easy has never been fun.

10. What's your favourite thing on the internet this week?

The best week to ask me this question! The latest film I worked on for 7 months The Martian by Ridley Scott just got a new trailer and it features lots of graphics I did with Territory. 


11. Who are some other WNW members whose work you admire, and why?

Ernesto Porto: I had the pleasure to work with him at the studio when he was freelancing for us and how he manages after effects just amazes me. Great motion graphics artist and even better person.


12. Anything else you'd like to add that we haven't asked?

I wish I could talk about the projects I'm working on right now, but then I would have to change my status to "Not working". Lots of confidentiality contracts and non-disclosure agreements unfortunately...

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