Overshare Podcast: David Droga

Overshare Podcast: David Droga


Overshare is a Working Not Working event series and podcast that features honest conversations with our favorite creatives about the tough stuff we don't talk about in public often enough. For our 5th episode, WNW co-founder Justin Gignac talks to David Droga, Creative Chairman and Founder of the advertising agency Droga5. Droga5 has only been around ten years, yet it's been named Agency of the Year ten times. Clearly, David has to up his game if he ever wants to make a name for himself in this industry. 

Kidding aside, we find that the more successful the individual, the more rewarding it can be to hear them divulge their creative struggles and insecurities. If anything, the stakes are higher. From the constructive competition of being one of seven kids growing up in Australia to his early admiration of certain creative agencies in the US and England, David sees his career in advertising as inevitable. David also tells us what he hopes to achieve; specifically, he doesn't want to squander what he's built. "I like goals that are almost unattainable because it holds you to task all of the time. I want to build the most influential agency in the world. Because to be influential, you have to contribute on a lot of different levels. It's not necessarily by scale or by one particular client, but it's about influence of culture, influence of sales, influence of our industry..."

To say that Droga5 is on a roll would drastically understate its success. But David recognizes that many of the creative agencies he admired coming up have since closed down. He sees momentum less as following a winning formula than finding ways to keep things fresh, not just for a global audience but also his personnel. It's clear David celebrates everyone representing the Droga5 legacy from top to bottom in every global office, especially the creatives. He depends on them as family. "I always talk internally about how it's not one starlet person. The only thing that everybody in that office has in common is that no one has to be there. Everyone is talented enough that they can go get a job somewhere else. The fact that we choose to be together, we might as well fucking do something with that opportunity."

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Some work from Droga5

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