Out & About: Mark your Calendars with These 11 Artistic Events & Exhibitions Around the World

Out & About: Mark your Calendars with These 11 Artistic Events & Exhibitions Around the World


We’re making our Illustration showcase interactive by sharing some of the exciting upcoming events, releases, and exhibits in the world of art and illustration. The following are in no particular order because they’re all equally awesome.


Joan Cornellà: I’m Good Thanks

At Public Gallery in London

3rd April to 4th May

Private View: 3rd April from 6:30pm.

The marvel that is Joan Cornellà is back in London at Public Gallery with his dystopian vision of contemporary life. Each work holds a mirror up to the depraved nature of society, confronting everything from our unnatural connection to social media and masturbatory selfie culture, to political topics such as abortion, addiction and gender issues - no subject is off limits.

I think we all laugh at misery. We must start from the idea that when we laugh, we laugh at someone or something. With empathy or not, there is always some degree of cruelty. In spite of that, I am aware that if one of my cartoons happened in real life I would not laugh at all.
— Joan Cornellà

Corita Kent: Power Up

House of Illustration London

Open now until 12 May

The UK’S biggest ever show of work by the pop artist, social activist, and nun. The late artist’s show explores joyful and colourful prints, as well as screen-printed typographic designs showcasing a bold new perspective on misogyny, racism, and war. Corita was a part of the Pop Art movement, in which her work became popular during the social upheavals of the 1960s and 1970s. Caitlin was a contemporary of Andy Warhol, and admired by Charles and Ray Eames, John Cage and Saul Bass.


New York Comics & Picture-story Symposium

At Parsons

New York, US

March through May

If you’re a lover for comics, look no further. Here’s a primer of Spring 2019 events in collaboration with Guy Lawley on comics, Kelsey Wroten on graphic novel Cannonball, and The American Bystander on their comedy magazine.


Spilling Over: Painting in Color

At Whitney Museum of American Art

New York, US

From its collections, Whitney exhibits paintings from the 1960s and early 1970s that use saturated and bold color innovatively to activate perception. Throughout this period, most artists embraced acrylic paint, which at the time was a newly available plastic-based medium, and explored its expansive technical possibilities.

“Colorfield, hard-edged abstraction and Op Art were among the genres that emerged as a result, along with a neo-Fauvist approach to figurative Expressionism, whose adherents notably included a number women and African-Americans exploring gender and race in their work.” - Time Out


at The Round Chapel


7th June until 9th June

ELCAF is back! The East London Comics & Arts Festival by Nobrow is London’s biggest annual festival dedicated to showcasing the best in comics, illustration, sequential art, and storytelling across a three-day period. This year’s artist in residence is illustrator, comic artist, and printmaker Jon McNaught.

Sadly, if you’re looking to apply for an exhibition space, applications have now closed but still book your ticket to attend if you’re in London town. ELCAF will be celebrating its eighth edition with its largest programme of talks, workshops, screenings, and masterclasses yet, carefully curated and delivered by a host of national and international artists, writers, and illustrators.


i draw

at D Museum

Seoul, South Korea

14 February until 1st September

I DRAW. 16 artists, 350 artworks and a multisensory experience. If you’re heading to South Korea this year, this is not one to be missed. Showcasing world-class artists, who have gained global attention for their work, as well as the next generation of artists in Korea. Artists including Pierre Le-Tan, Hattie Stewart, Unskilled Worker, Oamul Lu, and many more. The exhibition demonstrates an omnibus-style structure that presents the delicate and empathetic daily stories of the artists through illustration, installations, experimental craft, and sensations. Ultimately, the exhibition makes you reimagine drawing in a completely new approach to showing illustrative works.


Pinball Wizard | The Work and Life of Jacqueline De Jong

at Stedelijk

Amsterdam, Netherlands

9 Feb until 18 Aug 2019

Dutch painter, sculptor, and graphic artist Jacqueline de Jong has an overview of her historical developments, where de Jong switches effortlessly between different styles: from expressionist painting to new figuration and pop art. The work of Jacqueline de Jong is presented in combination with works from the collection of the Stedelijk Museum.

Night Shift Art Pop Up - Press Kit WNW (1).jpg

Pop-Up Art Show

72 Allen Street, NYC, NY, US

13 April

A one-night-only pop-up art show where 13 female artists (including WNW Members including Paulina Ho, Sidney Howard, Simi Mahtani, Bailey Sullivan, Jocelyn Tsaih and Teresa Wozniak), reveal what they create at night.


Franck Scurti | More or Less

at Palais De Tokyo

20th February until 12th May 2018

Paris, France

Expressing through art history and the signs of daily life, this original sculpture series by Franck Scurti approaches the social and economic crisis. Scurti’s work alludes to many famous artists’ work, including references to Van Gogh’s The Potato Eaters (2018) and creating a remake with scraps from Edvard Munch’s famous Scream (Le Cri, 2011). Franck Scurti references these titanic figures because “in their time, they set out to replace the cold positivism of impressionism by a new humanism. This is a transition that the artist finds to be salutary and active in the current world.”


Brian Rea | Islands

At CMay Gallery

Los Angeles, US

Open until 13th April

A solo exhibition by WNW Member Brian Rea displaying new paintings and drawings by the Los Angeles-based artist. Rea’s list-based paintings are composed of Postmodern poetry mosaics, expressing the human impulse to parse and catalog our experiences. Mark marking, vibrating lines and hundreds of words, simulating the overwhelming experience of the consciousness. This show is ending soon, not one to be missed.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 12.52.53 PM.png
Forgotten Forest 2 .png

Sleep on the Wind by Ralph Hunter-Menzies, Daniel Jensen and Terencio González

at The Dot Project


28 February until 30 April

Sleep on the Wind is a group show featuring the works of Ralph Hunter-Menzies, Daniel Jensen, and Terencio González. The exhibition focuses heavily on the following questions: How does space influence the way one makes a painting? Does the constant exposure to urban mark making affect an approach to canvas? Through the curation of the show, mark making is defined by two categories. One: deliberate, thoughtful, premeditated, controlled – the other: accidental, erratic, loose, uncontrolled. The three artists included in Sleep on the Wind have been brought together for their diverse approach to these two types of mark making. This exhibition is by appointment only.


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