Meet #2099 Aramique Krauthamer

Director • New York, New York

WNW Member #2099 Aramique Krauthamer is a director, writer, and installation artist focused on emerging media, participatory narratives and process-oriented filmmaking. He has worked with a range of clients that include Cut Copy, Sonos, Ciroc, the xx, the Oceanic Preservation Society, Nike, HBO, Google, Adidas, and Pepsi. Aramique spoke to WNW about the adrenaline rush during the beginnings and ends of projects. 

1. How long have you been freelancing?

Almost 4 years now. Right after my daughter was born decided to get out of office life.


2. Is there a time or place that you feel most creative/have the best ideas?

There are two types of time/places for me. On a daily basis it’s late at night when email and phone calls stop and I can just focus uninterrupted. Developing ideas - right in the beginning of the process or right before the deadline. There’s something about the adrenaline of starting and finishing that triggers a lot for me.


3. What's your ideal Working:Not Working ratio?

For me the ratio is more about client/commissioned work versus self-initiated projects because I never stop working. My ideal would be 50% client work and 50% self-initiated. A client project for one month then a personal project the next. If I could do 6 client projects and 6 personal projects a year I would be really happy.

Intel HeartBot

4. Do your parents understand what you do?

I brought my mom to Moogfest and had her walk around with a brainwave sensor on making music. My dad also came to an installation I did for Nike in New York. They know I make weird installations that are hard to explain.


5. What scene from a movie makes you laugh just thinking about it?

I don’t really watch comedies when it comes to movies. Last Week Tonight was great. I’m more into this kind of thing than narrative comedy.


6. If you were stranded on a desert island, with your computer, what 3 websites would you take with you?

Vimeo. Twitter. Wikipedia


7. What do you do when Not Working?

Research a lot. Plan the next thing I want to work on. Collect things that inspire me. Think about places I want to live. Write stories. Imagine the future. Hang out with my daughters.

SONOS PLAYGROUND Deconstructed - Museum of the Moving Image

8. Do you have a hidden talent?

Picking amazing collaborators who are also nice people.


9. Any tips or advice for fellow freelancers?

Invest as much time and energy in personal projects early in your career so that you can define the kind of work that clients will pay you to do later on. And be nice.


10. What's your favorite thing on the internet this week?

It’s been an intense week. Charlie Hebdo has taken up the bulk of my internet time. Reading about both sides of the problem. I spend a few months a year in France with my wife’s family and she’s there right now.


Conductar: Moogfest

the xx's "The Missing" - An Interactive Audio Installation

Cut Copy's "We Are Explorers" - Case Study

Rise of the Nike Hyper Elite Platform Uniforms

The Mad Scientist & The Play Machine - An IBMblr Film


New Museum Incubator

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