Sinan Dagli & BSSP Give Kevin Garnett ​​​​​​​Another Shot in 2K18 Ad

Sinan Dagli & BSSP Give Kevin
Garnett Another Shot in 2K18 Ad


The NBA Playoffs are here. But current players on lottery teams aren't the only ones bummed to be missing out on the glory. What about all of the retired champions, like Kevin Garnett, who can almost taste their past victories? Below, WNW Member and BSSP's Associate Creative Director Sinan Dagli tells us about NBA 2K18's latest campaign, "KG's Back," which shows the Boston Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves legend battling boredom and the April blues. After cross-stitching "Cry to Yo Momma Cause I Ain't Listening" to a choir featuring actor / NBA fanatic Michael Rapaport, Garnett relives the glory days of making grown men cry. It's the next best thing. Sinan Dagli shares how the initial concept was developed, what kind of research went into Garnett's mythology, shooting during NBA's All-Star Weekend, and who he's pulling for in the NBA playoffs.  


What was the initial concept for your latest spot for NBA 2k18, and how did that evolve?

We were concepting around retired legendary NBA players who needed a way back into the game. NBA2K is the best sports simulation game on the market. Naturally, playing NBA2K is the next best thing. 


What were some of the challenges and breakthroughs that came with this undertaking?

The biggest challenge we faced was around the limited time we had with both KG and Rapaport on set. We had to make some sacrifices about the number of vignettes we wanted to capture. We were shooting during All-Star weekend in LA, arguably the busiest time for KG.


How much research went into the mythology of Kevin Garnett?

Our team consists of big basketball and KG fans – each team member contributed and added something to our “KG Facts” library. Some of the myths were well-known, others we had to dig deep for and watch old tapes. 


There are a number of Kevin Garnett Easter eggs that maybe only an NBA fan would find. Was there a balance to making sure the humor served both NBA followers as well as outsiders?

This concept mainly targeted true NBA, and subsequently 2K18, fans. However, keeping the casual fans engaged was also a priority. We felt that the concept of a legendary NBA player missing the game would resonate with outsiders as well as the core gamer. The addition of the choir and Rapaport also served us well to keep the spot compelling for the masses. 


The choir is a great touch. What led you to bring Michael Rapaport into the fold?

Michael Rapaport is one of the biggest NBA fans out there. We had a few other concepts that included him – both 2K and the BSSP team liked the idea of him so much that we had to write him into the choir. He was born to sing. 


Who are you rooting for in this year’s NBA playoffs?



What’s next for you? What are you working on now?

We are finalizing concepts for the upcoming 2K19 launch, which we are truly excited about. 


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